Induction Loop and Infra Red Systems

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Induction Loop Systems

We install and maintain a variety of induction loop systems from the more traditional induction loop system to the latest infra-red induction loop technology.

Our range of induction loop amplifiers will suit any environment from a ticket office or doctors surgery to a conference centre.

Infra Red Audio Systems

Infrared Audio Systems are suitable as an alternative to induction loops for problem buildings/installations (when magnetic background noise levels in a room are high) or when conventional loop cabling is impractical to install and for public buildings where privacy and security are a concern. As the receiver needs to be in “line of sight” you do not get overspill into other rooms. Using Infra Red audio signals can be radiated around a room to a recipient using a dedicated receiver. A receiver can be worn by any person, regardless of their hearing capabilities, in the form of a headset – or a hearing aid user may make use of a special receiver which connects to a small neck worn loop, effectively providing them with a personal induction loop

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PA Over IP

Do you want to run your PA/Paging through your telephone system?

Are you considering upgrading your telephone system?

Worried by BT's End of ISDN Announcement?

We can advise you on your options.

We have over 40 years of Telephony Experience.

We Do Managed IT & Phone Systems Too!

Global Platforms – Local Support

Midland Comms provide a range of the latest generation of cloud communication systems that allow you to interact with clients and colleagues from your desk, laptop or mobile devices, from global providers including 8×8, Microsoft Business Voice and Microsoft Teams and Gamma, through our Elevate branded Hosted platform.

We work with you to determine the right platform for your organisation’s needs, handle the implementation and provide all future support, locally, with our own in-house support team.

Midland Comms have over 40 years experience and our own in-house sales, support and engineering team, offering you a fully integrated office of IT and Telephony.

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