Induction Loop and Infra Red Systems

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Induction Loop Systems

We install and maintain a variety of induction loop systems from the more traditional induction loop system to the latest infra-red induction loop technology.

Our range of induction loop amplifiers will suit any environment from a ticket office or doctors surgery to a conference centre.

Infra Red Audio Systems

Infrared Audio Systems are suitable as an alternative to induction loops for problem buildings/installations (when magnetic background noise levels in a room are high) or when conventional loop cabling is impractical to install and for public buildings where privacy and security are a concern. As the receiver needs to be in “line of sight” you do not get overspill into other rooms. Using Infra Red audio signals can be radiated around a room to a recipient using a dedicated receiver. A receiver can be worn by any person, regardless of their hearing capabilities, in the form of a headset – or a hearing aid user may make use of a special receiver which connects to a small neck worn loop, effectively providing them with a personal induction loop

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