Juno Classroom Voice Reinforcement

With Lesson Capture

Capture Lessons with Juno

Use Juno to easily capture video recordings of live lessons including whats on the display. Juno automatically names and uploads the video to the school LMS or website.

Lesson Capture provides an audio and visual record which students can repeat as many times as they need.

Teachers can capture their lessons while they deliver them whether their class is in person or remote, and automatically upload them for asynchronous learning on their school’s LMS.

The Easiest Lesson Capture Software  – Teacher Edition

Lesson Capture Software - imageNo complicated editing, no endless buttons and options that don’t get used. Just capture and share lessons for students to review later, or “flip” your whole classroom!

When designing Teacher Edition, our number one priority was to make sure it was easy to use, for anyone.
No complicated editing, no endless buttons and options that don’t get used. Just capture and share lessons for students to review later, or “flip” your whole classroom!

With Juno you can record voice and screen with Lesson Capture software for Mac & Windows

Works in Conjunction with Juno Sound Reinforcement

How It Works

Juno Camera for Lesson CaptureThe LessonCam mounts to the Juno and connects to the USB port on the teacher’s computer and the teacher wears the pendant microphone. When the teacher speaks or plays a video from the computer, their voice and audio are amplified in the classroom and heard by the remote students.

All students can see the teacher or other media equally

Using “Screen Share”, teachers can share content from their interactive panel, live video from the FrontRow LessonCam, document camera or computer video.

All students can participate equally

When remote students are unmuted by the teacher, their voices are distributed in the classroom. When classroom students use the student microphone, their voices are amplified in the classroom and streamed online to remote students.

All students can stay caught up

Using remote conferencing recording functions or FrontRow’s Teacher Edition, lessons can be recorded, shared and archived so students can access lessons for review at their convenience.

Classroom Sound Reinforcement Diagram

Standalone Classroom Sound Reinforcement

Juno - Delivers Teachers Words to Classrooms for ClassroomsJuno – Fills the Room with Sound

Juno’s room-filling SonicSuffusion™ technology is intelligent. First, its digital crossover network keeps the two mid-range drivers and the bass module in phase and reproducing your audio at peak efficiency. Then, we exploit the physics of constructive wave propagation to rescue the sound energy that other brands waste and push it forward and to the sides in a 180° horizontal layer. This arc of sound spreads more evenly across the room, reduces unwanted echo, and sounds up to 25% greater in volume over distance than conventional or flat-panel speakers.
Juno with Bluetooth® further maximises student engagement by enabling wireless audio streaming of instructional content. Bluetooth is an important addition to FrontRow’s audio reinforcement technology because media audio is frequently part of instructional content and needs to be heard just as clearly as the teacher and student voices.

Clearer Sound

Juno is built with advanced FrontRow technology to provide much clearer whole-class sound than other brands. The Adapto engine digitally scans your audio 375 per second to wipe out harsh squealing feedback before you and your students can hear it — that means you can get the volume you need and still move freely throughout the classroom. Our patented OptiVoice feature actually helps students understand more by emphasising those speech frequencies that contribute most to meaning. And the handy PrioriTeach feature automatically lowers the volume of media and student mics when the teacher speaks.

Read more about Classroom Sound Reinforcement here…

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