Automate Day-to-Day Communications

Mass Notification - Broadcast Messages To Any Device & Allow 2-Way PA Speaker Communication

Streamline Mass Notification Processes

Improve emergency mass notification, automate day-to-day communications and facilitate student and parental engagement by broadcasting messages to thousands of people – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Broadcast messages via landline, mobile phone, IP phone, text, email or other customised channels to reach the widest audience.

Blazecast LogoSchools, colleges and universities can greatly improve day-to-day announcements, crisis communications and emergency response by enabling non-technical staff to easily and quickly send multi-modal messages in real-time.

Babble supply apps and systems that integrate within your telecoms and PA systems. Our recommendations as to whether you use Mitel Mass Notification, Blazecast or AtHoc from Blackberry depend on the existing environment and your needs.

Below is an infographic as to how mass notification apps function – this is the Blazecast app set-up.


Trigger notification via the web or a phone call using a landline phone, IP phone, computer or mobile device
Send voice, audio and text notifications direct to desk on a variety of personal and mass communication devices
Recipients acknowledge messages by replying via their channel and device of choice
Admin runs real-time reports on broadcast progress: confirmed, unconfirmed, failed

Streamline Mass Notification Processes

Consider Mitel Mass Notification app or BlazeCast® for your day-to-day activities such as issuing alerts and warnings, broadcast news and updates, billing notices, the status of your customer’s orders, and appointment reminders, as well as one-off announcements. For systems that may be used for more serious circumstances; during crisis-oriented events such as outages, recalls, and emergency lockdown response, we now also offer the Military Grade Blackberry AtHoc – Networked Crisis Communication application. Connect with the right people at the right time. This application can be enabled to alert via devices only or be linked in to IP Paging over PA too.

AtHoc Alert™ is a comprehensive end-to-end emergency notification system that unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone you care about with single click. Using single web-based console or smartphone/tablet, emergency managers can provide two-way communication across the entire enterprise or community to virtually any device with real-time speed and assured reach.

You can learn more about Blackberry AtHoc on our Telecoms Website…

Make Your PA System 2 Way

BlazePoint PA Speakers provide for announcements and crisis notification by broadcasting important information over the PA. However, this new system, BlazePoint also enables two-way communication through the speaker, making it reliable and easy for people to communicate one on one or to a targeted group when required, such as in an emergency situation.

Proactive Protection and Safety
Before an event occurs, prepare pre-recorded or pre-scripted messages; define chains of escalations with first responders; and rapidly notify students, faculty, staff and family, by combining Blazepoint PA and Blazecast notification broadcasting.


  • Blaze Point 2 way PA speakerMulti-Point Activation
    Flexibly initiate an alert or a page from a landline phone, IP phone, computer or mobile device
  • Advanced Text Notification (SMS)
    Send text alerts to mobile phones with the option to request acknowledgement from recipient
  • Auto Dialer
    Automate outbound calling to a mass audience
  • Computer Desktop Notification
    Fast, reliable and intrusive messages to computers, laptops, and digital screens across the campus
  • Precision IP Paging
    Web-based map view to page and broadcast customized messages to speakers and phones with granularity on a campus, building, hallway or room basis
  • Talkback IP Speaker
    Enable two-way conversation via on-board microphone in the speaker
  • Advanced HTML Texting
    Broadcast text and HTML messages to phones, computers and mobile devices
  • Find-Me, Live Conferencing
    Ensures stakeholders are reached through sequential phone numbers and connected to a live conference call for group discussion and instruction
  • Text-to-Speech
    Send live or pre-recorded text-to-speech messages via SMS, phone, mobile, and overhead paging
  • Email
    Coordinate email alerts with other mediums as part of a layered notification plan
  • Common Alerting Protocol
    Exchange emergency information between CAP-compliant devices and services.

Video – University Using Blazecast Mass Notification

Video – Notification & IP Paging Product Demo

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