Networked, Cross-Device Crisis Communication from Blackberry AtHoc

Networked Crisis Communication Mass Notification

AtHoc Networked Crisis/Critical Communication Application

AtHoc Alert™ is a comprehensive end-to-end emergency notification system that unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone you care about with a single click. Using a single web-based console or smartphone/tablet, emergency managers can provide two-way communication across the entire enterprise or community to virtually any device with real-time speed and assured reach.

Notify Anyone, Anywhere, on Any Device

  • Utilise market-leading tools that streamline your communication from pre-configured templates and custom fields, to geolocation targeting, teleconferencing and many more
  • Integrate your entire crisis communications from access controls and social media to fire panels, sirens, mobile app, desktop, two-way radios and even wearable devices
  • Implement secure public cloud or our patented hybrid deployment to maximise security and privacy while gaining scale and flexibility
  • Leverage enterprise capabilities to delegate system management to local points of contacts (PoCs) while maintaining control and simplify contact management with LDAP integration and self-service portal


AtHoc’s Networked Crisis Communication: Up Close

Crisis communication that only goes one way is yesterday’s technology for businesses where personnel safety is paramount.. With AtHoc, once an alert or message is issued, the people and organisations you care about can respond and interact with the crisis management team. This cutting-edge solution features four key capabilities:


Communicate with the people you care about across all channels networked computers, mobile devices, PA, sirens, radios, fire panels and digital displays with predefined procedures and two-way communication

Enable every individual in your organisation to communicate and interact 24/7. Anywhere, anytime, from any personal device: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, IP phone, email, text, interface and pager.

Per role and permissions, share map-based situational awareness: e.g., incident location and evacuation route


Individuals can sound an alarm to alert emergency managers of their location and status then attach photos, video and geo-location of the situation

A single click permits mobile workers to communicate from virtually anywhere

First responders can provide real-time feedback from the field, bringing vital ground- zero insights to the emergency operations centre


Readiness personal accountability (PA), which ensures that geographically dispersed personnel are continuously accounted for and always ready to perform assigned duties

Operational PA, which lets field personnel communicate directly with HQ, so their location and status are always known

Post-Event PA, in which to accelerate operational recovery the system alerts individuals and sends a request for personnel status.

Proxy PA, in which a leader is aware of each team member’s status and reports it to the crisis management team


Because no crisis happens in isolation, AtHoc enables your organisation to communicate with other emergency management entities a critical and industry- leading advantage. Unifies and integrates your crisis communication system with the community you care about.

Easily see and manage connected organisations. When a critical event occurs, communicate and share essential information to prepare, respond and restore.

All organisations can connect to and benefit from AtHoc Connect even if they’re not AtHoc customers.

AtHoc Mobile App.

The AtHoc Notifier™ mobile app delivers reliable crisis communication anywhere: on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Report incidents, obtain situational awareness or launch geo-tagged, rich media alerts.

AtHoc Cloud.

AtHoc’s advanced system architecture supports flexible cloud deployment choices, optimised to your organisation’s security, privacy and integration requirements. AtHoc is offered via SaaS (public cloud), on-premise (private cloud) or a hybrid private/public configuration.

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