Disabled Refuge / Fire Alarm Systems

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OmniCare Disabled Refuge/Fire Alarm Systems

Fire regulations require commercial buildings above one storey provide a safe evacuation route and disabled refuge for the disabled, wheelchair users and anyone else who cannot easily use fire escapes, lifts and stairs during a fire or other emergency.

Legal requirements state that a disabled refuge must have a fireproof two-way communication system, to BS 5839 Part 8-9 standard, so that fire officers, fire wardens and building managers can keep in contact with any disabled people in the refuge.

Disabled refuge outstations from the OmniCare range come in a choice of styles – standard or advanced. Outstations (or ‘remotes’) on the OmniCare system are wired in a loop configuration. For systems used for ‘fire fighting’ fire rated enhanced four-core cable should be used.

Also available in the range is the combined unit  which features a disabled refuge remote and fire telephone in one housing.

To avoid hoax calls, the disabled refuge remotes stay ‘in standby’ unless the master panel is triggered by the fire panel in an emergency. Remotes can be set to be permanently active if preferred.

The Combined Disabled Refuge and Fire Telephone

OmniCare addressable emergency voice communication system which enables any combination of outstations to be connected to one master control panel. Specs are as above with the addition of:-

Fire telephone:

  • Rugged red handset with hearing aid compatible earpiece and loudspeaker
  • Full duplex speech, digital audio
  • Hands free use
  • Door latch initiates call
  • Push catch or slot lockable door and/or beacon
  • Conference facility – via master control panel

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