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Automate Day-to-Day Communications

Broadcast Messages To Any Device & Allow 2-Way PA Speaker Communication

Streamline Notification Processes

Improve emergency notification, automate day-to-day communications and facilitate student and parental engagement by broadcasting messages to thousands of people – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Broadcast messages via landline, mobile phone, IP phone, text, email or other customised channels to reach the widest audience.

Blazecast LogoSchools, colleges and universities can greatly improve day-to-day announcements, crisis communications and emergency response by enabling non-technical staff to easily and quickly send multi-modal messages in real-time.

Make Your PA System 2 Way

BlazePoint PA Speakers provide for announcements and crisis notification by broadcasting important information over the PA. However, this new system, BlazePoint also enables two-way communication through the speaker, making it reliable and easy for people to communicate one on one or to a targeted group when required, such as in an emergency situation.

Proactive Protection and Safety
Before an event occurs, prepare pre-recorded or pre-scripted messages; define chains of escalations with first responders; and rapidly notify students, faculty, staff and family, by combining Blazepoint PA and Blazecast notification broadcasting.


  • Blaze Point 2 way PA speakerMulti-Point Activation
    Flexibly initiate an alert or a page from a landline phone, IP phone, computer or mobile device
  • Advanced Text Notification (SMS)
    Send text alerts to mobile phones with the option to request acknowledgement from recipient
  • Auto Dialer
    Automate outbound calling to a mass audience
  • Computer Desktop Notification
    Fast, reliable and intrusive messages to computers, laptops, and digital screens across the campus
  • Precision IP Paging
    Web-based map view to page and broadcast customized messages to speakers and phones with granularity on a campus, building, hallway or room basis
  • Talkback IP Speaker
    Enable two-way conversation via on-board microphone in the speaker
  • Advanced HTML Texting
    Broadcast text and HTML messages to phones, computers and mobile devices
  • Find-Me, Live Conferencing
    Ensures stakeholders are reached through sequential phone numbers and connected to a live conference call for group discussion and instruction
  • Text-to-Speech
    Send live or pre-recorded text-to-speech messages via SMS, phone, mobile, and overhead paging
  • Email
    Coordinate email alerts with other mediums as part of a layered notification plan
  • Common Alerting Protocol
    Exchange emergency information between CAP-compliant devices and services.

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